4 double spaced pages. Euthanasia

| November 20, 2015

Write about an issue in applied ethics. Pick a side of a topic and defend it using the ideas we have discussed in class. (utilitarianism, Kant, virtue, and ethics of care). Be sure to be specific in your paper. For instance, if you choose to write on death penalty, be sure to say clearly who should get it and for what crimes. Give reasons for the view you are defending. As such, make sure that you have proper support for whichever position you take. You should foresee how someone might disagree with you, and you should and attempt to handle those criticisms. Imagine that you are trying to convince someone that they should believe the same thing that you do.

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12 complete content pages. The effects of Russian population when suicidal behavior is a factor for patients having borderline personality disorder
Cross Culture

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