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| December 15, 2015

Simulate current debates among different Member States of the European Union. This term they will recreate the debate around the migratory and humanitarian crisis (Refugees) caused by the war in the Middle East and how that may affect the economic recovery of each of the countries studied in this course. For this purpose each group will represent and defend the interests of a Member State. Students are expected to do some research on the particular situation of their respective countries, their interests, and the arguments that could be used in order to defend them. Undoubtedly, the students are expected to keep their speaking time, make solid and well-informed arguments, and respect one another during the debate.

What I need you to do:

Country chosen is GREECE.

Since it is a debate. I need a small report on my part which is ” ELECTIONS” since I need to present the topic and give solid arguments to my points. (700-800 words) would be good or even arguments with bullet points. Whatever helps you. However, needs to be clear.

For the ELECTIONS part you need to look at it from the perspective of the current party in charge and its leader.(Syriza and Alexi Tsipras)

I should be arguing in favour of that party. As if I was trying to be re-elected. Look at the Refugee situation which was caused by the War in the Middle East. And what it does to my party. What solutions I can come up with to solve issues that arise from that. Or does it help to boast my economy ?

In addition you need to consider the interest of the European Union in the matter as well.

(You need to consider the interest of the EU

Your own country and ability to stay at the place (remain to be elected). You need indeed see it from the perspective of the ruling party (so you need to provide facts – what do the officials say – and provide your own solutions that would be accountable with objectives of party, relations of EU and decisions of crisis)

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