European Reformation

| February 26, 2014

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please see the instructions below carefully.
Block Quotes: if it is VERY necessary for a VERY important quote, you can use it.
Incorporate at least one secondary source in the paper. I prefer more than one secondary source, but at least one source must be used. I want the sources to be from refereed journal articles or academic books.
Make sure to read each prompt carefully as the expectation is that you will address each of the questions/directives raised within the prompt. You do not need to address these questions/prompts in the order that they are provided below. Indeed, it is most preferable that you incorporate the questions/prompts in whatever way proves to be best within your own essay.
General Questions/Prompts: Identify Author, Audience, Social/Religious/Historical Context, Purpose/Aims of the Author.
1. Martin Luther’s theology is representative of the wider concerns of many theologians during the European Reformation of the sixteenth century. In On the Freedom of a Christian, Luther addressed several central theological concerns of the Protestant Reformers. In this essay, you should identify and analyze some of the key theological concerns of the European Reformation as they appear in Luther’s On the Freedom of a Christian Man. Your essay should also consider the historical context. In what ways does the historical context assist in interpreting the theological and ecclesiastical relevance of On the Freedom of a Christian? Some of these issues of historical context will be addressed in the General Questions listed above. Finally, make sure to use a secondary source in an analytical way, or to rephrase, engage the secondary source rather than just repeat its content.
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