European Business Management

| January 7, 2015

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There are 5 questions you can choose ONE to write, Only one Question need to be done.
1. Critically discuss what consequences do the 2014 European Parliament election successes of Eurosceptic parties mean for
European business, now and potentially in the future.
2. Choose two neighbouring EU countries, one based within the Euro zone, one based outside the Euro zone: compare and contrast how the
countries have fared during the Euro crisis and how they have dealt with it.
3. Select a company and discuss how it has made use of the 2004/2007 EU enlargement.
4. Using an extended example of an issue or an industry, discuss why and how European businesses engage in lobbying.6
5. Discuss whether the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the European Union in 2012 was justified from a business point of view.
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