| December 23, 2015

pages are up to your discretion however maximum pages are 9 i need a minimum of a 2:1 as its 25 percent of my module need lots of cases to support arguments also statutes must be emphasized with statutes from the statute book cases no footnotes or nd notes you can pick any question you want depending on what you find The maximum length is 9 pages, in 10 point type, Verdana font, double spaced with 2.5cm margins on each side of the page, and no footnotes (see below under referencing). Your essay must be word-processed. The pages must be numbered. Please staple your essay in the top left-hand corner. Do not bind it or place it in any sort of folder. Essays must be submitted to he School of Law Reception.
Referencing: Do not use footnotes or endnotes. Round brackets should be used for references in the text. Treaty provisions should be referred to as follows: (Art 4(3) TEU), (Art 288 TFEU), (Art 8, Protocol No 2), (Art 51(1) CFREU) etc – no need for the full Treaty names. Cases can be cited in abbreviated form so long as a full reference is contained in a separate table of cases at the end of the essay – so, for example (Case C-376/98 “Tobacco Advertising I”) – but in the table of cases you should cite: Case C-376/98 Germany v Parliament and Council (Tobacco Advertising I) [2000] ECR I-8419. The same applies to legislation – so, for example, in the text (Art 4, Reg 1049/2001) but in a separate table of legislation you should cite: Regulation 1049/2001, OJ 2001, L145/43. Any references to literature should also be inserted in abbreviated form in the text, thus: (Chalmers 2014: 125), 125 being the page number for the citation. If you refer to secondary literature, a separate bibliography must be attached, in which references are listed in full, thus: Chalmers, Davies & Monti, European Union Law , 3rd ed (Cambridge: CUP, 2014); Von Bogdandy, ‘The European Union as a Human Rights Organization?’ (2000) 37 Common Market Law Review 1307 etc. All materials consulted in writing your essay should be included in the bibliography.
Tables of cases and legislation, and any bibliography, do not count as part of the maximum page limit. These tables should be submitted on separate pages at the back of the essay.

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