ethics and morality in public service

| July 25, 2015

Unit 10 Discussion question 1


Now that you have learned about ethics and morality in public service and examined some examples from different disciplines within the field, it is time to revisit the personal code that you wrote in Unit 1. Based on what you now understand about the field, review the personal code of ethics for your professional position in public administration. Post the code here, and explain what you now want to change and why. Describe any concerns you have about how you can apply this personal code, and explain how you will mitigate these concerns.


Discussion Question due on June 16, 2015 @ 3:00pm

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The term public administration is essential in the society and it is understood to mean or to imply the overall implementation of all the government policies.
Do you believe that cultural/ideational factors help explain America's interactions with the outside world?

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