ethical theories and their relevance to the ICT industry

| March 26, 2015

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Complete an essay discussing ethical theories and their relevance to the ICT industry. In the essay, consider ‘rights’ vs ‘virtue’, ‘relativist’ vs ‘objectivist’ and ‘consequentialist’ vs ’deontology’ and how they relate to professional codes of ethics and practice (eg. ACS, ACM, or IEEE Computing). You should make sure to discuss how they would assist with resolving an ethical question.

Make sure to 1. Describe each theory. 2. Compare and contrast theories. 3. Clearly state a professional code of ethics. 4. Comment on the connection between the code and the theories.

You must use the Harvard technique to cite your references within the essay.

Your essay must include:

Assignment Cover Page: (Use the cover sheet provided. Include the Title, Assignment number, Student Name and Number, Subject)

Introduction: (Introduction to the topic, a statement of the purpose of the paper and a brief description of the paper’s structure.)

Body: (Discuss, compare and/or contrast different perspectives, present arguments supporting the purpose of the paper)

Conclusion: (A summary of the points you have made in the body of the paper. These should match your stated purpose.)

References/ Bibliography

The paper will need to be 2000 words to cover the topic. A minimum of 1800 words is needed to pass.


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