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| November 25, 2015

 Philosophy papers, and especially ethics papers, are evaluations of views that philosophers propose concerning our nature, our ethical obligations, and views concerning moral dilemmas.  They always defend a point of view and that point of view is always defended with reasons for believing the view should be accepted.  In your first critical analysis paper you are to determine the point of view (or thesis) of J.S. Mill’s essay, “Utilitarianism” found in our readings, and then you are to discuss each of the reasons why he believes his thesis to be correct.  To write the paper, do the following:
1.  In the first paragraph, state the author and name of the essay you are going to discuss.  Then state what you believe to be the thesis of the essay.
2.  In the following paragraphs, discuss each of the reasons he uses to defend his thesis.  There are at least five reasons discussed in this essay, so do a good job of discussing each one of them in depth. An in depth explanation should take several paragraphs at the very least and some may take an entire page.
3.  In your conclusion, discuss the pros and cons of Mill’s view using  the information from our readings as a basis for your agreement or disagreement with what he said.  In the end, do you believe that Mill has made a good case for the acceptance of Utilitarianism?

Please double space your essay with a one-inch margin on all sides and 11 point type.  Put your name on the first page in the upper left-hand corner along with the course name and the date.  Then center a title for your paper and begin.  Do not use a title page.  You do not need a bibliography since you are only using our readings.  Use quotation marks when appropriate and use in-text citation.  Submit the paper do the dropbox using the directions below.  I’m sure you don’t need to be reminded about a plagiarized paper.  Any plagiarism will result in an F for the paper with no ability to redo it.

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