Ethical Decisions

| July 27, 2015

Unit 7 Assignment


Ethical Decisions

We all make decisions based on conscious thoughts and unconscious intuition. This holds true for our public administration roles as well. Much as we would like to assume we will always make the best public decisions, we need to formulate a plan to guide our actions. This will help keep us from straying too close to the edge of the proverbial cliff. Professional integrity in our ethical support of the public good is something that must be conscious and deliberate.

Write a 1–2 page paper offering a plan for ethical decision making that leads to an ethical solution, including who you will consult and the resources available to assist you. This paper will be added to the previous two assignments and the upcoming theoretical formulation to help you decide your ethical dilemma for the final project. Remember to use a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources on ethical decision making for this assignment, cite all sources appropriately, and use correct APA format for this Word document, which you will attach to your assignment submission.



This assignment is due on May 29, 2015 @ 3:00pm

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