Ethical Behaviour and Economic Influence in the Cayman Islands Government

| January 13, 2015

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Principal aim of the research:
Research the impact of politics. What factors are in place to prevent current abuse of Government finances by senior leaders. What policies could be put in place to prevent this.
Key terms:
Ethical behaviour and economic influence
Country / geographical area:
Cayman Islands
Sector / industry / company:
Cayman Islands Government. Recently facing corruption charges, misuse of Government funds and crime escalation.
Essential sources:
Freedom of Information requests Ministerial reports and minutes Private media and websites
Research Proposal:
A written research proposal comprising 2,000 words (20% of module marks), outlining the key elements of your planned dissertation work, and including a detailed literature review.
Research method:
Research the impact of politics, the economic influence of the Cayman Islands. How can effective leadership influence the ethical behavior of senior leadership.
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