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| March 29, 2014

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warnning! i must upload my paper to Turnitin.
If need source, then use Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
prompts (the italicized sentence is the question your thesis will answer):Explain Kant’s three motivations for action: mediate inclination, immediate inclination, and duty. Explain the objection that as long as you are doing the right thing, it doesn’t seem to matter whether you are acting from immediate inclination or duty. Is the objector right about this (italicized)? Why or why not(italicized)?
I am not a native speaker, so please dont write too profession. At least, i should understand it without problem.
the format of the paper.
1. intro-summary of paper
2. explanation of the text.
3.explain the question/problem (can be short)
4. state defend thesis.
5.subjection to #4 and response to this subjection.
contact me if anything is not clear
6. conclusion- summary
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