ET410 Final

| January 11, 2016

Question 1


  1. Risk management is a four stage process. List and explain each.

Question 2


  1. What are the types of project termination? List them and give a brief description of each. Two paragraphs.

Question 3

  1. Define the steps that you would use to develop a resource loading table. Give a brief description of the activity involved with each step.

Question 4

  1. Read case studies 7.1-De Haviland’s Falling Comet. How could risk management have aided in the development of the common?

Question 5

  1. What are the elements of direct labor costs and how should they be computed? Explain the difference between recurring and nonrecurring costs as well as fixed versus variable costs? Answer in two paragraphs.

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Tunnel Cost Comparisons
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