estate planning

| December 12, 2015

My mother died in New Bern, NC 12/14/13 & was a Widow with 2 children.The only WILL has 2signatures not notarized.Help!

She’s a Widow, 2 grown kids, WILL not Notarized or Filed at the Courthouse. Only She and her 18 year live in Boyfriend signed it. He preceded her in Death. She wants my brother to get nothing except the Loan she gave him to buy a house. The Clerk of Court said it’s not a SELF PROVING WILL. She told me to hire an Attorney. All she Owned is a car, and $4800 in the bank. What do I do to Insure her WISHES ARE FOLLOWED? She had NO LIFE INSURANCE. I PAID FOR HER FUNERAL.

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estate planning
estate planning law

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