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| December 12, 2015

Power of Attorney question In Georgia.

I’m retired military and in the past have done work in the Middle East as a contractor. I had given my wife a Power-of-Attorney to handle our/my bills. However, she abused the POA by writing checks to her 35 year old son and his girlfriend. I had to put a stop payment of $685 on 6 checks that went toward his rent, electric bill and two checks he cashed at the local grocery store. However, I suspect he and his girlfriend actually stole the checks and she’s covering for them by saying she could issue them because she had a POA. She was in ICU in the hospital when all this occurred.

We are now filing for divorce. However, I would like to know what options I have on this POA deal? I have cancelled the POA with the court here in Colquitt County. Civil charges would do nothing since none of them have any money. But I would think I could file criminal charges against the step-son and his girlfriend and let it play out in court. My options?

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estate planning
estate palnning law

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