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| December 12, 2015

How can I force my adopted mother to probate my dead adopted father’s will in which I am named? It is in Alabama. I have a friend who is a wounded warrior who has significant injuries suffered while in Afghanistan. She was blown off a berm and suffered major brain injury and ptsd. She has significant medical expenses due to the failures of the VA. She has just been notified that her adopted mother is trying to sell the marina her adopted father owned. She is a twin and the deal was both girls had to be adopted together although the adopted mother never cared for Abby, but favored her twin sister. Today she received a quit claim deed and was asked to sign off giving all ownership in the marina to her adopted mother. Therefore, there is a will leaving something to Abby. The adopted mother has not probated the will and refuses to allow her to see it. What can be done? Are there any attorneys willing to help a veteran on a contingency fee basis. If not, I am a certified paralegal from Florida and can create the forms if you can advise me what form I need to complete. Thank you and God Bless


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