estate planning

| December 12, 2015

What happens if all executors/trustees decline position & the 2 heirs won’t agree on a new executor?Estate is debt free.There were 2 co-executors/trustees named in will and 2 as back up. All declined because they didn’t agree w/ the terms of the Will. Only one lawful heir (a granddaughter) and an additional named heir (a boyfriend). 4 parcels of real property specifically divided. Then 60% of “all cash, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, other securities, & all personal property willed to him and 40% to her.(How do you split personal effects 60/40?) If she doesn’t agree on an executor will the court forcibly appoint one and force the Will into probate? Finally, If Will remains in “limbo” as long as an individual pays taxes on properties for 7 consecutive years can they claim it as their own?


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estate planning
estate planning

Category: Law

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