Essay Writing: A Guide to Determine Reliable Sources

| August 6, 2015

A student who is writing an essay should be in a position to know sources that are reliable from ones that are not. Your education institution will reject all assignments that have utilized unreliable sources. Being the assignment writer, you should gather, make use of, and blend information from sources that are approved and specified by the lecturer.

An essay writer can decide to use published sources that are found on websites for instance peer-reviewed research articles, journals, or books. Reliability of the data used in your assignment highly depends on the reliability of sources used. If you use unreliable sources, you may face a problem with the analysis, consistency, and validity of the data collected.

Types of Reliable Sources to Use for Essay Writing

The first step for any student carrying out an essay assignment is to determine the credibility of the sources to be used. As a guiding tool, you should rely on personal experience gained from doing previous assignments in determining your current choice of sources. Here are some reliable sources found on the internet:

  • Peer reviewed journals
  • Scholarly Articles
  • Academic research
  • Isolated studies
  • Reviewed articles
  • Google Books
  • Educational websites
  • Newspapers
  • Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a good source when seeking ideas of starting an essay topic. However, you should always counter-check some of the sources from Wikipedia for credibility purposes. Wikipedia has minimal control or no formal mechanism in place to control the vast publication of articles found on their sites. The same concept applies to other sources such as blogs.

Search results provided by search engines produce a mixture of reliable and unreliable sources. Even as Google keeps implementing new algorithm measures to sieve good content from valueless content, blogs and site owners apply different methods to find their ways to top rankings.

Some of the sites that originate from search engine results provide reviews and opinions instead of research information. If you find it necessary to use ideas from these sites, then make sure that you validate the theory or concept with a reliable source.

Government and non-governmental organizations are an excellent source of reliable information. Likewise, Educational sites offer more reliable sources compared to personal blogs or sites. You should apply the same reading strategies on e-publications as that practiced when utilizing printed text.

MBA or Ph.D. dissertations require you to apply a well-balanced approach when presenting statistical data or information. You should learn how to assess the reliability or impartiality of a particular site provided by search engines.

Identifying an Unreliable Source When Writing an Essay

You can accomplish an information overload if you apply the below research technique and use it as a guideline for all your essay writing projects.

  • Always note down Publication date
  • Note document version
  • Read the table of content and speed read identified sections
  • Stick to relevant content
  • Organize content harvested from other sources to cross-check reliability

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