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| January 15, 2016

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Please submit an essay of approximately 350 words describing the strategies you have used, or plan to use, to cut the costs of your college education. How do you intend to finance your education while trying to minimize your debt?
Your answer may include the following: What do you think are the causes for the student loan debt crisis? If you had the power to make positive changes or reforms, what specific improvements would you make and why?
Essay 2. Please submit an essay of approximately 350 words describing your relationship with the union and the labor movement. In what ways has it personally affected your life and your family’s life? Explain why you believe you are a good choice for this union scholarship.
Because this is a union scholarship, we are looking for your own knowledge of unions and the labor movement. Although it may be included, please do not simply recite typical labor history. Write about personal stories and experiences. Many applicants may not be union members, but are the children or spouses of union members. Talk with union family members (parents, spouses, grandparents, etc.) and ask them about their experiences in the union. Relate personal stories and experiences on how being in a union has made a difference in their life and your life.

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