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| July 12, 2016

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Read the options below. Select the one that you are most able to respond to and submit your work below. Remember to read the chapter first and then use the material in the text to formulate your response. You can also state your opinion at the end of your submission. Please be sure meet the 250 word minimum (one one page typed, double spaced).


  1. WARNING: THIS INFORMATION IS GRAPHIC! Read the attached list of signs of serial killer. Then, go to and select “Serial Killers”. Pick a serial killer to read about. You can also do an online video search on YouTube for the A&E biographies on Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, or Gary Heidnick, Ed Gein, John Wayne Gacy, etc. Either way, do research on the life of one specific serial killer. Then read the document attatched (check in the “replied” posting from me to find the document).


In your post, discuss each of the signs that you think applied to the serial killer you researched. Thoroughly explain what parts of CH 5 apply to your discussion. For instance, Ted Bundy had severe emotional disorder resulting from his childhood. Is this a sign of a serial killer as indicted on the list? If so, what happened to him that caused his SED? Why is this experience important in understanding his future killings? What psychological theories can you find that helps in explaining serial killers development and their actions?State if you think serial killers are born or made. Is there anything society can do to rehabilitate them? How are serial killers rational criminals?

  1. WARNING: THIS INFORMATION IS GRAPHIC! Go to the Mt SAC library website. Locate the online version of the book entitled “Serial Killers: The methods and madness of monsters: by P. Vronsky. Read the chapter on Henry Lee Lucas. Then read the chapter(s) on how serial killers are lonely children and the role that fantasy plays in their killings. In your post, cite examples from the reading that you thought related to theories in chapters 5. What chapter theories can you find that helps in explaining serial killers development and their actions? How are serial killers rational criminals? What are specific examples thats demonstrate their use of rational choice in their killings? Explain how serial killers are both born and made. Is there anything society can do to rehabilitate them?


  1. “Moms Who Murder Their Children”. Do a search on PPD (post pardum depression) and Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy. Then read about any 3 of the following cases: Wendy Scott, Beverly Allit, Kathleen Bush, Andrea Yates, Dee Etta Perez, Deana Schlosser.


In your own words, describe what PPD and MSBP is and how these conditions might result in criminal behavior. Then, briefly describe the cases you researched as well as your reaction to the crimes of these caretakers. What were their sentences? How can we use some of the psychological theories and biological theories found in chapters 5 and 6 to make sense of their actions? How can this material help us to undestand their criminal behavior? Explain their crimes by selecting at least 2 theories from each of chapter 5 and 6 and apply them to the cases in your discussion. Were these women victims or are they murderers? Was their sentence just?

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