essay – scenario

| January 23, 2015

The assignments are linked to the scenarios. For example, in the first scenario you have just been hired in your dream job and will now lunch with the CEO. You know he always ask new managers to describe their passion for the profession/industry so the assignment is to prep for this lunch by composing a short,  500 word response.

You’ve just landed your dream job as a auditor with a dynamic organization. The CEO is very charismatic, and he meets with every new management employee. You’ve been tracking this man’s career for several years through the alumni news of your university. The CEO graduated about 10 years before you, but he is still very involved in the university. The CEO was recently interviewed for the New York Times column, Corner Office. The CEO commented that he always asks new hires “What motivates you, what’s your passion?” You’re going to be prepared for this lunch, so you’ve started sketching out ideas about how you’ll respond when he asks you his signature question.

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