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| July 24, 2015

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•Provide answers to the questions in ESSAY format,. Include a cover page and a reference page. Please use the following bibliography:

•Nash, D.B. and Reifsnyder, J. (2011). Population Health: Creating a Culture of Wellness. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett. ISBN: 978-0-7637-8043-2.

•Nickitas, D.M. and Middaugh, D. J. (2011). Policy and Politics for Nurses and Other Health Professionals. Sudbury, MA.: Jones & Bartlett. ISBN: 978-0-7637-5659-8.

•Porche (2011) Health Policy. Application for Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals

1).Outline or diagram how an idea becomes a law.
2).Differentiate the three types of law (legal policy) that originate from our federalist structure. 
3).What is the essential difference between policy modification and policy change?
4).Compare (identify/discuss similarities) and contrast (identify/discuss differences) Health Policy and Public Health Policy. Provide an example of each.
5).Describe the Problem-Centered Public Policymaking Process Model.
6).Licensure and certification provide special privileges and accountabilities. Discuss how they differ from each other and what impact they have on the Nurse Practitioner role.
7).Continuing education (CEUs) are required for nursing license renewal. What change in the requirements of CE categories would you recommend and why? 
8).Select a Policy Institute. Review the mission, strategic plan, services and activities provided by the policy institute. Discuss how these relate to the role of the Nurse Practitioner. 
9).List the 8 Institute of medicine (IOM) Recommendations on the Future of Nursing, then select one of the IOM recommendations on the future of nursing and discuss your opinion on its impact on your role as a future advanced practice nurse.
10).List the American Association of Nurse Practitioners Federal Policy Priorities, then select and discuss two priorities that you are most passionate about


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