Essay questions on Kant and Nietzsche

| May 19, 2014

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Answer all parts of both questions, with 1-2 pages per answer. No citations needed. Keep answers VERY simple and use simple English language. Student has learning disabilities.
A. Duty vs. Happiness
Kant sees the main conflict in ethics to be between the commands of duty and the demands of happiness. Explain why he holds one above the other and discuss his standard of morality of “unqualified moral worth”
B. The Golden Rule
Explain Kant’s view of the Golden Rule in terms of categorical vs. hypothetical imperatives (Grounding, 37).
C. Love as Duty vs. Feeling
Discuss Kant’s view of love as a feeling versus love as rational will in his view on love of the enemy. (Grounding, §I, p 12.)
A. Moral Typology vs. the Science of Morals
What is the significance of the values “good and bad” transmuting into “good and evil” (see §260, Beyond Good and Evil)? Discuss the attributes of each of these terms and how perspective is meaningful here.
B. How is nihilism related to both religion and science for Nietzsche?
C. Is nihilism evil per Nietzsche? Discuss Nietzsche’s solution to nihilism.
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