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| July 3, 2016

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In this essay you need to defend a position in a way that tries to persuade the reader that your argument is better than the alternative. You are free to choose any side of the debate. It is crucial that the introductory paragraph presents a clear thesis statement (as in this paper will argue..) and that the main body of the paper provides evidence in support of the thesis statement. A section of the paper should also be devoted to presenting the other side of the debate and telling the reader, why it is unsatisfactory. The capacity to argue a position while thoughtfully addressing the other side of the debate is important.

At least 5 citations from reputable media and scholarly sources.


Collins, A. (2010).Contemporary security studies–on page 271 of chapter 16

Nanu K. Poku cites Barry Buzan who says: While a moral case for making individuals the ultimate referent can be constructed, the cost to be paid is loss of analytical purchase on collective actors, both as the main agents of security provision, and as possessors of a claim to survival in their own right.

Do you agree with Barry Buzan?

Paper will require that you address a debate/dispute from the Collins' book-Contemporary security studies

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