Essay on TV Series Devious Maids

| February 28, 2014

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i would like you to write a page on the TV series devious maids i will be please follow these instructions: paying particular attention to questions of identity (including race, gender, class and sexual orientation), power and audience. How does your show construct particular identities? How is power involved in this representation? How does your own subject position, i.e. your class, gender, sexual orientation etc, influence the way you read, or to use Suart Hall’s term, decode your show? Can you discern a particular way in which your show imagines its audience or encodes meaning? Please write approximately five pages (around 250 words per page) in which you explore these issues. You may focus on particular episodes, or on the show as a whole. Please make a URL of the show or the episode in question available to me so I can go and watch it before I read your paper.
I expect you to develop a thesis in this paper around these questions
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