Essay on SOCIAL Media and the Detrimental Affects

| April 30, 2014

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I recommend that you expand on an earlier paper by including additional sources/perspectives
Choose an area that you find interesting and meaningful and that relates to the topics discussed in this class “self and society”. (SOCIAL MEDIA AND THE AFFECTS OF HOW IT CAN BE NEGATIVE)
You may choose a topic from the readings or a concept related to the themes we have covered in this course.
This social problem must have the capacity to be viewed as a “private trouble” (problem stemming from individual/interpersonal factors) and as a “public issue” (problem stemming from the environment or social structure).
See: Mills.
Organize your paper according to the following headings and format:
1. Statement of the problem under consideration. Provide a brief introduction to the problem and discuss its significance (why it is important).
2. Micro – Discuss the assumptions, values, arguments, evidence, causes, reasons, etc. utilized to explain the existence (causality) of problem from the micro (genetic, biological, individual, and family) point of view.
3. Macro – Discuss the assumptions, values, arguments, evidence, causes, reasons, etc. utilized to explain the existence (causality) of the problem from the macro (community, societal, policy) point of view.
4. Critical analysis – In your opinion, do micro or macro level factors play a greater or equal role in the development of the social problem. The moral and ethical dilemmas , the impact on personal and social identity should be included in this sections.
The paper should be 8-9 pages in length and double-spaced. The paper should be written in MLA style.
In the meantime, as you read and as we discuss, keep in mind any topics that strike you as appropriate for this paper.
8-10 pages MLA Format, double-spaced, use only one side of the paper.
All References cited.
Reader 3 references (can be Plato "The Apology", Margaret Mead "Coming of Age in Samoa, Bell Hooks "The Significance of Feminist Movement, Charles Horton Cooley "Primary Groups", Jean-Paul Sartre "Existentialism", C. Wright Mills "The Promise", B.F. Skinner "The Evolution of a Culture", or Horace Miner "Body Ritual among the Nacirema")
6 secondary sources (varied-journal periodicals, newspaper accounts, interviews, critical analyses, etc.)
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