Essay on Online communication or computer-mediated communication (CMC)

| January 27, 2015


i need to 2500 words essay as many students have also applied on transtutors for this assignment so i want to have a unique one without plagiarism.
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Individual Assignment (Essay) Worth 15% Type A Due date: Weekly Final essay due date: Week 7 Thursday (Refer course description for specific due date) Objective: The purpose of this assignment is to enable students to evaluate professional communication aspects within an industry in relation to the various elements covered, and to demonstrate the ability to communicate the key issues through a written essay. Assignment topic: Online communication or computer-mediated communication (CMC) The Internet has become an integral part of our lives. Online communication or CMC is one of the fastest growing modes of communication for individuals within and between organisations. We use CMC for social, educational, and business purposes (Mohan, 2008). Discuss the following aspects in your essay: The impact of online communication in an organisational context; The distinctions between traditional face-to-face communication and CMC in an organisational context; The role of media richness in effective online communication; The importance of being competent at intercultural communication using electronic channels of communication. Description of assignment: Students will prepare a 2500 word essay (not including references). The assignment is to be completed individually. This is NOT a group assignment. Please refer marking criteria for more detailed breakdown of marks. Tasks Weight Draw up a timetable that identifies the various stages of development in the writing of your essay and allows sufficient time for each stage. This time table should include activities in each week. 1% Research the topic using books, journals and reputable websites. As a minimum, your research should include at least three (3) books (may be online books), at least three (3) journal articles (may be online journal articles) and at least three (3) internet sites (general websites except Wikipedia), total of 9 sources, all of which are used to provide you with the background for…

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