Essay on How to create and promote a safe and purposeful learning environment

| July 15, 2016

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This written assignment will give you the opportunity to explore research at the forefront of debate about behaviour, motivation, learning and behaviour management in order to write an essay on ‘How to create and promote a safe and purposeful learning environment’. Your assignment should draw on relevant literature (e.g. books, research journals), on work done in university sessions and on your own experiences and observations in placement.


Your essay should include the following:


discussion of behaviour and the factors that contribute to ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ behaviours;


clear identification of what ‘a safe and purposeful learning environment’ is, the range of strategies that teachers/trainers can use to create and maintain this and evaluation of the impact you expect those strategies to have on learners and learning. The strategies you suggest should be appropriate to your subject area and your own subject-specific teaching.


discussion of approaches you can take to address, minimise and/or manage negative behaviours when they arise;


Offer specific examples from situations that you have experienced or observed to support your discussion

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