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| July 3, 2016

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Select two pieces from the era of Realism to the Black Arts for Part Three of the Personal Connections Essay. The cumulative essay is due in Week 5.

Choose pieces that speak to you in some way, and that you are comfortable analyzing in relation to the historical and societal context of the era in which they were written.

Choose pieces that hold meaning for you rather than ones that are recognized as the best or most representative works of the era.


Write a 350- to 700-word analysis of each piece including:

The meaning of the piece for you (why you chose it)

The relation of the piece to the historical events of its era

How the piece expresses the cultural values of its era

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Write an additional 700- to 1,050-word essay analyzing one author who is representative of an era you have studied and is featured in the course readings. Explain why the author is representative of his or her era, in relation to the historical events, the influence of the vernacular, and the expression of cultural values of the era.

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