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| July 1, 2016

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Prompt: Have you ever moved from one town to another or from one house to another? (If you haven't, think of two places you have visited). Write an essay comparing the two places. You need to decide whether you will emphasize the similarities or the differences, and then your thesis should clearly indicate which you are emphasizing.
Your essay should include a brief intro, including any pertinent background information, a thesis, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. All body paragraphs should include a topic sentence that supports the thesis and describes what the body paragraph is about. Most of all, body paragraphs should include plenty of detailed, specific support such as examples and vivid descriptions. Remember, it's the rich details and description that makes your writing interesting to read. Avoid simply listing multiple differences or similarities; instead, opt for just a couple of the most important points of comparison, preferably one per body paragraph, and offer the rich detailed description mentioned above.
ORGANIZE YOUR ESSAY BODY PARAGRAPHS ACCORDING TO TOPICS THAT RELATE TO BOTH PLACES BEING COMPARED. AVOID summarizing each location or place, one per body paragraph, and giving a list of multiple comparisons in the last body paragraph). Instead, pick the three most strikingly similar or different things about the two locations or places being compared, and discuss one per body paragraph (weather, landscape, or location, population, entertainment, architecture, cost of living, neighborhoods, friends, etc…). Each body paragraph should include detailed examples from both locations or places regarding the single point being compared or contrasted. For example, the difference of seasonal weather changes between Yuma and Main could be the topic of body paragraph one. Or, for strong essay cohesion, the seasons could be broken down and discussed one per body paragraph, so long as both locations are compared in each body paragraph. Again, pick the most significant aspect to compare (snow in Main vs. no snow in Yuma in the winter, which results in signifcant population differences on the streets.) Proofread very carefully for grammar, punctuation, and sentence fluidity. Be sure to use transitions when moving from one point to the next.

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