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| June 26, 2015

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• Midterm Essay:
500 word essay on Faulkner or Baldwin:
In a 500 word essay (maximum) using MLA format (See Handbook) write an analysis (not a summary!) essay. Use exact words and details from your reading and watching video. Use a literary device (see previous instructions for more) and select one author here and write an analysis essay.

This essay is straightforward in that I am only asking you to write about one story here.
You can write about Baldwin’s story or Faulkner’s story.
Reminder: Please use the proper SAVE AS (as I have instructed you before) and give your essay a proper heading (see handbook) and a proper title.
For example, for an essay on Baldwin you might say: Theme in Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues”.
Notice this is my title. It has the author and name of the story and what I am going to write about – theme. This is a proper title. Good luck!

Reading : Faulkner : “Barn Burning”
James Baldwin : “Sonny Blues”


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