Essay about “NOW CLOCK BOOK” by William Garcia

| November 20, 2015

Fall semester TERM 2015

Essay paper on “NOW CLOCK BOOK” by William Garcia

This term paper will be 7 complete pages.

  1. First page: The tittle
  2. Second page: The introduction will be the 3 different chapters that you picked to write about. This will be the first page of the essay paper.( Ithas to have 4 paragraphs. NO ABSTRACT)
  3. The body will be each chapters that you picked, and how each chapter relates to you. Use one page per chapter. It will be 3 pages.(Each page has to have 4 paragraphs)
  4. Sixth page: The conclusion will reflect the information learned from these chapters, and how you will be using the information in the future.
  5. Seventh page: Reference: is your book


You need to use APA STYLE. Google it and apply the steps. If you do not apply the steps, “I WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR PAPER.”

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