ERP implementation

| July 25, 2015

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Design and plan an ERP implementation project in a Gold mining project operating in remote Africa. In order to meet the requirements of the Project: 

• Start with an analysis of the supply chain of the business and its main operations management process 
• Produce a map of the relevant business process.
• Identify key areas for improvement and put forward an ideal map for the ’to-be’ state of the business’ operations.
• Write a request for proposals (RFP) and outline the main steps for assessing suppliers’ offers.
• Prepare a full project plan for the implementation of the ERP selected.

Some key concepts to incorporate (not limited to this: management information systems (MIS) -/- Enterprise resource planning -/- decision making -/- business process reengineering -/- integration of business information management with business process management in and across the organization -/- business process integration, automation, and optimization


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