Erotic Dancing and Stripping in America

| February 16, 2014

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Talk about the issues of Erotic Dancing and Stripping in the sex industry of America in your own words. First, describe the role of a stripper/erotic dancer such as what they do and where they work. When did it start? What states are popular for this type of job. Is it legal or illegal? Who are their clientelle?
What are the consequences these dancers face? Are they placing their life in danger? How young do they start? Maybe you want to talk about usage of drugs. What lead them to become a stripper?
You can provide an example from an article or video. In conclusion, finish off with how the current sex industry has played a major role in society.
Remember to include your references/bibliography at the end of the document, and to include the word count of main text.
References: Include three (3) references minimum (articles, professional journals, books, interviews, Internet sites, etc.), including at least one of the Internet resources listed at the course Web site. Be sure to include: Author(s), publication date, title of article/book, title of journal/magazine, page numbers, and city/state and publisher, if applicable.
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