Equality and Civil Rights – American Government – short essays

| November 13, 2015

These are meant to be 4 short essays. I do not need a cover page, or references. Only do the essays. I have numbered each one. It’s important to make sure you cover each aspect of each question
1. Although the First Amendment holds that “Congress shall make no law…. Abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press,” exceptions to the protection of free speech have been made. What are those exceptions? Why have these categories of “speech” and “press” been excluded from constitutional protection?
2. The importance of religious freedom in American society is reflected in its position in the Bill of Rights, yet the religious clauses have not been easy to interpret. Discuss the ways the establishment clause and the free exercise clause have been interpreted by the Supreme Court.
3. The meaning of civil rights has been shaped, to a significant degree, by interpretations of the Supreme Court. List and briefly discuss the way in which the Court’s decisions, specifically, have advanced or restricted the development of the civil rights of black Americans during the course of American history.
4. What is affirmative action? Is it a viable way to ensure equality? Discuss both sides of the debate
The text book I’m working with is The Challenge of Democracy. Below is the internet link.

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Events surrounding the Native American assimilation efforts, specifically the Dawes Act.
Remembrance of President Abraham Lincoln


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