eport on Sustainability Practice (alto hotel Melbourne)

| May 19, 2015

Help Hints for the Assignment and Peer Review
1. In every section of the assignment put something for your peer to review. You need to indicate what you are going to write.
2. Treat this assignment as a report where you suggest to an operator how to improve their performance in a range of sustainability matters. From this approach the sections 1, 2 and 3 are the place where you provide an evidence base for the improvements.
3. Choose one operation. Some students have asked if they can choose a hotel chain. This would be difficult as the tasks would be too huge. I suggested choosing one hotel and use the information from the chain to assess the operation.
4. A couple of students have chosen a cruise ship and cruise line that combine tour and accommodation services. This is something different which is good, but again there may be a need to narrow down to the cruise line’s practice in a particular region or route in order to make it manageable for you.
5. The issues section is designed to make you focus on what are the important sustainability issues facing the operation. Think big picture before you narrow into the certification schemes. This section narrows the scope of the report and tells the reader what is important in the report. It does not have to be a long section. Some references to acknowledge that the issues are ones that are commonly faced by sustainable tourism businesses.Literature support will get you higher marks.
6. The operation may or may not have a certification scheme, and may be in Australia or overseas.
7. Many students are asking about how to use the certification to assess. Here is my response. Do not take this literally. Remember that all you need to do is provide evidence for the improvements. There are a number of ways to do this within the task outline. Some ideas to help:-
a. If the operation has a certification scheme use that scheme and evaluate if indeed they complying with it. To what standard are they complying with the various criteria? Use your critical thinking and knowledge you have learnt about sustainable tourism in this course.
b. If the operation has a certification scheme and you think they actually are doing OK at complying with the criteria you can use another scheme to see what extra things they might like to address.
c. If the operation does not have a scheme at all then apply one that seems appropriate and see what they are doing wrong.
d. There are two schemes mentioned in the assignment task. These are examples you may or may not use. Other schemes may better suited to your operation. You need to find the best one if you are using an extra scheme to evaluate the operation. This assignment is about critical thinking.
e. Use a variety of sources of information to see how the operation is implementing sustainability. Obviously you look at their website. However, as I demonstrated to you last week, blogs reviews and any material you can find on the web is appropriate to use. Reference the information as per the reference system for websites.
8. If you are stuck on finding something to improve I suggest you examine carbon management (climate change mitigation). Most organisations are NOT doing an excellent job at this.
9. In the recommendation section you can add literature to back up what you have recommended. You don’t have to find specific examples in the literature but acknowledging the significance of the things that need to be improved with literature support will get higher marks.
10. I suggest you pitch the report to the operator themselves. If you think the operator will read your report it will make you base your recommendation on fact and thus provide critical but constructive improvements.
I will add more answers to questions as they arise. Good Luck with the assignment!

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