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| January 8, 2016



Go to the site http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/epigenetics/

Click the link to Watch “The Epigenome at a Glance.”

  1. The epigenome shapes the ___________of the genome. A tightly wrapped gene is ______________and a loose relaxed gene is_________________.


  1. What kinds of events from the outside world change the way our epigenome controls our DNA?


Go back to the epigenetics home page

Click on the “Gene Control” link.

  1. When you turn the knob, that’s like exposing the organism to something like stress, dietary changes, exercise, abuse, etc.
    a) What happens when you turn the knob one way and then another – what happens to the gene?
    b) When you turn the knob back and forth (changing the environment), what happens to the protein the gene codes for?

Go back to the epigenetics home page

Click on the “Insights from Identical Twins” video   https://youtu.be/kp1bZEUgqVI

Watch the video

  1. The epigenome activates or suppresses the expression of genes (turns them on or off). What are they using in this video to represent the epigenome?
  2. Are all the epigenetic tags removed from the parents’ chromosome before they are passed on to the embryo?
  3. Because they share the same _____, young twins vary very similar _______. But, what happens as they age?
  4. What are the 4 exampes they gave of the things that can effect the epigenome?
  5. So…sum it up. Why do the genes which are turned on/off change more and more as twins age?

Now, go to the page below the video.

  1. What does the red vs. yellow mean in this picture?
  2. a) What does the graph show about bipolar disorder? b)According to the information of the page, what does that tell us?
  3. Read the caption about the cute babies at the bottom of the page, then put it in your own words…. Why study identical vs. fraternal twins?

Go back to the epigenetics home page

Go to “lick your rats”

  1. Baby rats are born with a tightly coiled, inactive GR gene. When it is active, it can make a protein that does what?
  2. When you licked your pup, what happened? What did that mean for your pup?
  3. Humans have a GR gene too. There have been several studies on depressed mothers and their infants GR gene activity. Do you think human infants with depressed mothers would have high or low GR gene activity? What do you think that would mean for those babies as they grow?
  4. Click on “Investigate the difference between high and low nurtured rats”, and tell me something interesting you learned.

Go back to the epigenetics home page

Click on “Nutrition and the Epigenome”

  1. What’s the difference between yellow and brown mice?
  2. When you feed yellow mice a good, methyl-rich diet, what happens?
  3. When you expose rats to lots of BPA plastic what happened?
  4. What makes royal jelly turn worker bees into Queen Bees?

Go back to the epigenetics home page

Click on “Epigenetics and Inheritance”

  1. “Epigenetic inheritance means that a parent’s experiences, in the form of _____, can be passed down to future generations.”
  2. Click on the slide show that gives examples of epigenetic inheritance. In your own words…what did it say about the water fleas?


Now watch the YouTube Video of the zany guy talking about epigenetics and answer the questions. Link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kp1bZEUgqVI

  1. Where are we pretending that his clone grew up?
  2. He says, “epigenetics doesn’t change your DNA but decides ________”
  3. “Scientists have found that things like _______ can actually lead to methyl groups binding to wrong places and making mistakes.”
  4. Why does he say we can’t do anything without guilt anymore!?
  5. In Sweden, what did researchers find that happened when there was a lot of food available after a starving time?
  6. At the very end of the video, what did he say the clone’s son has?


  1. Now…give me your thoughts on epigenetics! What did you think and/or find most interesting about what you have learned? Any questions? Anything unclear?








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