Epidemiology Report

| September 27, 2015

Epidemiology Report

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Using this report (I will attach), consider ONE of the following health conditions:

Overweight and obesity OR
Health eating OR
Physical activity OR
Smoking OR
Alcohol OR

Answer the following:

Using the information in the Greater Geelong Community Health Needs Assessment, 2014report, describe the health issue, including impact on general health and wellbeing, changes over time, comparisons to other areas.

Considering the health condition, describe the determinants of health, and consider how these determinants might impact on the health condition.

From the literature, consider a public health program for your chosen health condition. Critique the program, and explain why or why not it would be a good fit for this community. Make recommendations for this community based on your research and the Greater Geelong Community Health Needs Assessment, 2014.

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