Environmental Science

Need an A on this worksheet please..

  1. Explain the difference between traditional subsistence agriculture, traditional intensive agriculture, and industrial agriculture (mechanized agriculture).  When is each system favored?


  1. Why do people who live in overpopulated countries use plants (not meat) as their main source of food?


  1. Discuss some of the economic and ecological disadvantages of crop monocultures.


  1. Discuss some of the economic and ecological advantages of crop monocultures.


  1. What is the difference between broad-spectrum and selective pesticides?  Which do you think would be the best environmentally speaking?


  1. What is meant by describing a pesticide as “persistent?”  Why are persistent pesticides a special threat to the environment?  Make sure you use term we learnt early on in the quarter!


  1. Explain how insecticides can increase insect populations.


  1. What are some of the advantages of using sex attractants, rather than poisonous insecticides?  What about the “sterile male” technique?