Environmental Risk Management

| March 23, 2015

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Each answer is to be followed by the reference/source used. Wikipedia is NOT to be used as a source please.

Topic: 1. Environmental risk management 

Topic: 1. Environmental risk management
1. What is meant by the term “environmental sustainability”?
2. Apart from greenhouse gas emissions, what other factors to do with the environment make it important to live and work in an environmentally sustainable way?
3. List typical environmental risks that energy sector companies need to consider and deal with?
4. Briefly describe the role of an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS)?
5. What is meant by the PDCA  cycle of continuous improvement as applied to an EMS?
Topic: 2. Greenhouse effect
6. What is meant by the term ‘greenhouse effect’?
7. Why is an increase in greenhouse gas concentration regarded as a problem?
8. Describe two main human activities that are causing an increase in the Concentration of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere?
9. What is the role of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) in assessing climate change?
10. Outline the actions being taken by the Australian Government in regard to dealing with climate change?
Topic: 3. Environmental legislation
11. Under what circumstances is it your duty to notify relevant authorities of a pollution incident?
12. List the general responsibilities that environmental legislation imposes on an individual.
13. What role do local Councils have in administering environmental legislation? As this might vary between Councils, your answer can be based on the Council covering your area.
14. Outline the main reasons energy companies need environmental policies and procedures.
Topic: 4. Sustainable work practices
15. What are the four main steps associated with applying an environmentally sustainable work practice?
16. Under what circumstances is an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) required before work can start?
17. List four typical sustainable work practices associated with an outdoors worksite. Assume the work includes excavation, plus the production of dust, waste products and noise.
18. Why is it illegal to dispose of batteries and electronic circuit boards into landfill, and how are these best disposed of?
19. Why is it illegal to allow oil spills, chemicals or water pumped from a worksite to enter the stormwater drainage system?
20. Give two reasons for recycling copper wire.
Topic: 5. Sustainable energy
21. Explain what is meant by the term ‘sustainable energy’?
22. What are the two main pathways to achieving sustainable energy?
23. Explain the difference between an electrical appliance or component with a low efficiency compared to the same appliance/component that has a higher efficiency. Give an example.
24. Outline two ways Australian Government regulations and programs are assisting or ensuring energy efficiency, particularly in industry.
25. List four renewable energy sources used to generate electricity.
26. When talking about the use of electrical energy, what is meant by the term ‘peak demand’, and what type of situation typically causes peak demand?


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Environmental risk management


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