Environmental Management System ( ISO 14001) Case study

| March 22, 2015

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Please answer the following questions:
1. Identify the environmental aspects and their sources/types and set the environmental management system’s objectives to the priority areas. Answer in table format.
2. Determine the relevant Lebanese legislation (if this industry had to be in Lebanon). Put the references of the legislation (source where you got them from).
3. Prepare the environmental program for the priority areas (objective, measure, responsibility, cost, deadline). Answer in table format.
4. Identify the resources needed in order to reach these objectives (for example human resources, financial resources, natural resources….)
5. Identify other considerations that should be taken in account in making the environmental management system a success. For example: more training to employees.
6. Write a paragraph that explains how you would convince the Board of Director to implement your proposed environmental plan if you were the environmental officer of Hipp.
7. What are the ethical issues that you might consider as you think about this case study? for example the industry’s waste disposal and water consumption.
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