Environmental Issues

| February 9, 2014

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conduct an in-depth study of an environmental issue of your choice. You need to prepare a research paper on the selected environmental issue. you will analyze the selected issue using the problem-solving method and suggest potential solutions.
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Environmental Issues
Governments all over the world are today worried by the scarcity of natural resources, especially land and fossil fuels. The consumption of these resources has increased tremendously over the years, encouraged by the adoption of suburban lifestyles and rapid population increase. Suburbia is one of the major factors contributing to the scarcity of resources because it is basically an energy-intensive culture. In a suburban culture, people live far away from their places of work and have to travel daily. It means that more resources are used to travel and build office complexes in cities and family homes in suburban environments. The problem of resource scarcity can be addressed through teleworking, whereby people work remotely without necessarily having to travel to their places of work. This will reduce reliance on fossil fuels and minimize the demand for prime land to build offices. Introduction The scarcity of natural resources is one of the most serious socio-environmental and economic problems in the world today. Indeed, since the 18th century industrial revolution, the exhaustion of the world’s natural resources has been accelerating at a very alarming rate. This trend is encouraged by the explosive population increase witnessed over the years, increasing demand for industrial raw materials, and the insatiable consumerism culture of the 21st century. Consequently, more and more non-renewable sources……ORDER NOW
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Sustainable Engineering
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