Environmental Friendly cards In the UK.

| May 23, 2014

Must Include A brief History or a background from academic UK published Book.

2- Must Have Advantages and disadvantages.

3- Must include how the UK care about the green environment and if they will support it or not.

4- The future growth of the environmental cars in the UK.

5- Must include statistics MINTEL referenced.

6- All references mud be academic and harvard referencing style – MINTEL as much as you can the tutor love it and the UK published book for the background or history, and academic journals or news bust be a UK.

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Why do the rich often get away with white collar crimes?
You may write about its changing economy (e.g. decline of steel production in pittsburgh), changing ethnic geography (e.g. new immigrants and where they live in Washington), problems of sprawl (e.g. Phoenix), wildlife in cities (protecting wildlife habitat in Los Angeles), climate change and hazards (e.g. sea level rise and Miami), tourism and amenity land uses (e.g. museums, festivals, and parks in Chicago).

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