Entrepreneurship and small business management

| June 19, 2015

Entrepreneurship and small business management

Case Study – Mac Tools franchise

Mac Tools Offers professional automotive mechanics and technicians quality tools and equipment supported by a lifetime warranty. John, in his late 40s, is ready for a new challenge in his life: a Mac Tools franchisee. The company seemed to have a sound business model; this gave him confidence in the idea.
Having owned a franchise before, he already appreciated the benefits it offers as opposed to building a new business from scratch. Franchising means you have a big brand behind you and ongoing support for different aspects of the business such as product knowledge, sales and training development.

John launched his business in February 2010. He received an initial training of 3 weeks at Mac Tool Headquarters in Ohio, USA where he learnt about all the different products. There was then another week of training in England, by Mac Tool specialists, where he planned his individual territory launch.
Now in his third year as a Mac Tools distributor, John is a very successful Mac Tools distributor in England, based on exceptional performance. He is convinced that all that matters to him is for his business to be running properly and earning him the living he requires. In 2011, John won the Top Performer of the Year award for excellent sales during his first year. He also won the Franchisee of the Year award which compares the entire UK franchise network based on their sales, turnover and performance. This is the top award that Mac Tools present to their franchisees.
John repeats however that anyone can achieve these commendations: “If you work hard, are regular and reliable for your customers, I can’t see it failing. I put in a lot of hard work and effort to get the rewards. I also have my wife supporting me throughout, which is a big element because I don’t think I could do it without her help.”
1- Discuss the advantages of franchising according to John and to your own experience and knowledge. (20 points -250 words)

2- Do you think that acquiring a franchise is sufficient alone to run a successful business? Justify your answer, and explain what was behind John’s success of running Mac Tools franchise. (20 points – 300 words)

3- If you were to start your own business, would you wish it to be a small business or an entrepreneurial venture? Would you go for a franchise or an independent small business? Justify your answers and mention the type of activity your business would be involved in. (20 points – 350 words)

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