Enterprise security plan

| February 11, 2014

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Prepare an enterprise security plan proposal for the organization you work for or for a company you would like to work for. If you do not wish to use the organization that you work for, or are not currently employed, please feel free to ‘create’ a company or choose a company that you are familiar with.
1. Your proposal should be three to five pages long excluding the title page, abstract, table of content, and references pages
2. Make sure organizational confidential information or relevant organizational identification is not reveled in your paper (you may substitute the organization name with a fictitious name)
3. Use APA Style – follow the guidelines for APA Style in the Library or www.apastyle.org
4. Your proposal should cover the ten domains of Information Security Common Body of Knowledge and include the following:
a. Widely accepted categories of information security
b. Information security and the principles of success
c. Planning procedures toward those goals, security policy and standards taxonomy
d. Policies complying with HIPAA Security Rule Standards
e. Other policies relevant to information security and privacy currently defined by local, state or federal regulatory bodies
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