Entering Data in SPSS

| March 26, 2015

Entering Data in SPSS

Just a note (This week your focus is on entering data in SPSS) Please let me know if you do not have access to the IBM program SPSS.

Creating a Data File. Open a data file in SPSS and enter the data presented: This data is in the attached file called table 3 (attached)

-Create a mock research project. Submit your answers to the three questions below in a Word document.

  1. Considering your area of research interest, briefly state your area and a possible research project related to the area (150-500 words) Please choose a psychological research topic of interest!
  2. Pose one or more null and alternative hypotheses that follow from the possible research project.
  3. List at least 10 variables that would be collected in your mock research project that would be used to answer the hypotheses. After each variable list the variable name you will use in SPSS the level of measurement (binary, nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio), and the possible range of scores. Feel free to be creative.

Create a mock SPSS data set. Save this file as an SPSS data file.

  1. Open a data file in SPSS and enter in a set of mock data for the research project you described in the part before. (Note: It is important that you do not collect real data for this activity; you cannot collect data without IRB approval).
  2. You must enter 10 rows of data for each of the 10 variables (that is, create data for 10 mock participants). Each row represents the scores of each mock participant on the ten variables.
  3. Participant #1 must have missing data for Variable #3. Ensure this is coded correctly.

In total, there should be 2 separate SPSS data files and one word document when assignment is complete. These assignments cannot be grouped together.

Document Preview:
Name Birth Date Job No of Friends Alcohol Units Income Necroticism Ben 03 Jul 1977 Lecturer 5 10 20,000 10 Martin 24-May-1969 Lecturer 2 15 40,000 17 Andy 21-Jun-1973 Lecturer 0 20 35,000 14 Paul 16-Jul-1970 Lecturer 4 5 22,000 13 Graham 10-Oct-1949 Lecturer 1 30 50,000 21 Carina 05-Nov-1983 student 10 25 5000 7 Karina 08-Oct-1987 Student 12 20 100 13 Doug 16-Sep-1989 Student 15 16 3000 9 Mark 20-May-1973 Student 12 17 10,000 14 Zoe 12-Nov-1984 Student 17 18 10 13

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