| January 29, 2015

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The ability to write clearly and to make yourself understood is as important when submitting written course assignments as it is when preparing a report for your boss. The quality of your writing may make the difference between whether or not your instructor understands how well you know the course material. Here are some tips to assist you:
1. Pay close attention to grammar, sentence structure, and other basics of good English composition. Careless, sloppy writing can be overcome with a bit of work. If you feel that you need assistance with your writing, talk to either your instructor or academic advisor.
Help is available.
2. Avoid the use of unexplained abbreviations and jargon. It is not in your best interest to make your instructor guess at what you mean.
3. When you finish your assignment, or a portion of it, put it aside and then read it over later to see if it makes sense to you and says what you want it to say. Adjust and improve the wording as necessary. If your assignment were a presentation to coworkers or other professionals, you would never be satisfied with the first draft.
4. If you are not sure whether the instructor will understand what you are saying, provide more detail. Your written assignment is all he/she has by which to evaluate you.
5. On the other hand, do not try to obscure your lack of understanding with a smoke screen of irrelevant dialogue. If you do not know the answer, go back and study it again. Do not simply quote a lot of material from the book in hope that some of it will be right.
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