Enhanced privacy and security control for interconnected devices through the Internet of Things and clouds

| May 19, 2015

could you please modify and amend the proposal for this recommendations:

·The research proposal needs to be more precise in terms of the actual research question. E.g. How is “privacy” being defined? How will the proposed system be integrated with existing systems etc.

·It would be much better off focussing on one specific aspect of privacy/security, rather than trying to achieve everything.

·There needs to be a very specific question, with a clear roadmap to how it is going to be answered, and a discussion of how success will be measured along the way

.Timetable: Indicate the timeframe for each broad stage considering literature surveys, data collection, production, modelling, review, analysis, testing, chapter and thesis writing.



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Project Management
Literature Review :Does clinical debriefing in Emergency Departments help reduce work related stress for Nurses Working in the Emergency Department?


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