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| March 15, 2014

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Write a case note in the form of an essay commenting on the case of R v R [1992] 1 A.C. 599 that explains its reasoning and its significance within the English legal system.
Your case note must include:
• A concise summary of the material facts of the case; • A summary of the decision of the House of Lords; • Some analysis of the House of Lords’ reasoning; • Identification of relevant legal and/or moral reasoning theories; • Some original comment upon the significance of the case;
• Guidance for practitioners as to the practical impact of the case on their work.
Your case note may also include some or all of the following:
2Law School
Comment on the decision of the lower court in this case; Comment on the way in which the purposes of particular branches of law are reflected in the House of Lords’ and/or the lower court’s judgments; Reference to relevant academic comments on this case; Comment on any other issues that are relevant.
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