English ESSAY

| March 26, 2015

English ESSAY


Sources: You will need to have ten sources at a minimum including MLK’s Profiles of Courage,

**1 primary source,

**4 printed articles from a newspaper, magazine or journal,

**1 non-Internet source (personal interview, tv, radio, youtube, video)

**3 other sources


**ALL sources must be credible academic sources.

For a description of what constitutes “credible,” please use the CRAAP test. http://www.genconnection.com/English/ap/EvaluatingSources.htm


Encyclopedias (including Wikipedia) and dictionaries are not allowed as sources because they are considered by most professors as non-academic. Neither should you cite non-academically credible websites.


ALL SOURCES MUST LIST AUTHORS. (Reputable organizations such as The American Lung Society are counted as being authors.) Dictionaries and quote pages/books are not sources.


Authorless web sites such as about.com; howto.com; encyclopedias [both online and print], and others are not acceptable sources.


20 citations MINIMUM.


**MLA, APA, Chicago 1, Chicago 2 and CSE styles will be used.


This means you will write ONE paper, but you will change the format 5 times.


EXAMPLE: https://sites.google.com/site/anjalichopraeshs/final-paper/chicago-2


I will pay a bonus for an A I have attached what I have done already if you can work with what I have and make it better and complete it by March 26 12am (midnight) PST (Pacific Standard Time)

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