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| February 17, 2014

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I have to write an essay/book analysis about the book “Hawk” by William Wallis. Our teacher wants us to use references from the book and these following books by same author: the story “Will’s Notebook” from the book “L.A. My Love”, and The story “Love and the flower of memory” from the book “Selected Essays” and “one moment more” All these book are by William Wallis who is also my Professor. SO it is very important that you actually read the book and use references from the other books, as it is about his life. He mentioned that the LAST sentence in the first paragraph should be the Thesis statement which should also be underlined. It should be 5 parapraph, one direct quote for each paragraph. It should be in MLA form, and the page number should be on top right with Last name following page number. He does not want page number on first page. The analysis about the book: “Hawk” by William Wallis, should be about 3 pages. He wrote “Hawk” himself, so it is very important to get into detail about characters, emotions etc.. The three other short stories he wants as references are following: “Will’s notebook” (page 81) from the book: “L.A. my love” -by William Wallis “Love and the Flower of Memory” (page 101) from the book: “Selected Essays” -by William Wallis “Arkansas” (page 3) from the book: “One Moment More” by William Wallis (They are all written by my Professor) My professor emphasized that the scenes on page 8, 38, 87 and 137-138 in “Hawk” are very important for the characters. He gave us an outline of how he wanted the essay. I have attached 2 pictures. One of the essay outline and how he wants it. And one of the story “Arkansas” in case you can’t find it.L.A. My Love
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